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The Benefit of Fringe Benefits to Small Businesses: How to Reward Your Employees Without Breaking the Bank

So you’ve started your new company and things are going fairly well. You know you don’t yet have significant cash flow to pay your employees a whole lot more than you already do but you want to show you appreciate their contributions to your success. What if there was a way to provide additional benefits to your employees without increasing compensation, breaking the bank, and potentially receive tax savings? Great news, there is a way and its called a fringe benefit.

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Divorce & Taxes: How the New Tax Law May Affect Your Negotiation Strategy

Last year, Congress passed the new tax law. The new law changed a number of long-standing provisions that have a direct impact on families including increasing the standard deduction and eliminating the personal exemption. There were a number of provisions that will have a direct impact on divorcing couples.  It is important to understand these new provisions in order to make the best decision for you and your family going forward. The advice of a tax professional can be invaluable to helping both parties reach an agreement.

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