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Business Owner Disorder: The Side of Business Ownership We Don’t Talk About

Recently, I noticed a distinct pattern in my monthly routine as a business owner. It’s the part of the being a business owner that we don’t normally discuss because it’s not nearly as glamorous. However, I think that it’s an area that deserves recognition. Each month, there are distinct periods where I feel higher levels of stress and changes in my mood. I was still able to complete my daily task of providing the highest levels of professional service but I can definitively see a change. After experiencing these symptoms for a while, I’ve decided to formally name it, “Business Owner Disorder” (“BOD”). I’m not a “real” doctor nor have I ever played one on TV but I’m certain this is a real thing.

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit: A Tax Credit Designed to Reward Hiring the Most in Need

Although the value of a tax credit should never be the sole reason a particular employee may be hired, it should definitely be a consideration. There are a number of successful companies who demonstrate a commitment to hiring individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds including Columbus-based Hot Chicken Takeover and Bay-Area based The Town Kitchen. Therefore, don’t be afraid to take a shot on someone from a disadvantaged background. There might just be a tax break for you.

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The Benefit of Fringe Benefits to Small Businesses: How to Reward Your Employees Without Breaking the Bank

So you’ve started your new company and things are going fairly well. You know you don’t yet have significant cash flow to pay your employees a whole lot more than you already do but you want to show you appreciate their contributions to your success. What if there was a way to provide additional benefits to your employees without increasing compensation, breaking the bank, and potentially receive tax savings? Great news, there is a way and its called a fringe benefit.

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Keeping It in The Family: Using an S-Corp to Run Your Family-Owned Business

Most small businesses don’t understand the various options that may be available to them when choosing a business entity. Almost everyone has heard of a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company but what does that really mean for your company and why should I choose one over the other. In choosing what may be best for your family-owned business, there is another alternative available to small businesses that is a Small Business Corporation (also known as a Subchapter S Corp or S-Corp).

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Saving Now May Save You Later: Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners

Retirement planning is probably the last thing a small business owner is thinking about. With the focus on creating relationships with new customers, developing a great product or service, and managing the day-to-day operations, there isn’t much time to think about retirement. However, there are a number of great benefits in considering developing a retirement planning vehicle for your small business.

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Connecting the Dots: Translating Military Skills into Success as an Entrepreneur

Every day we have a choice of which "uniform" we are going to wear. Each of us has a different "uniform" selection but all of us have an opportunity to make a positive difference in the uniform we are in. Military service members have the unique opportunity of translating the skills they've learned into become successful entreprenuers and small business owners.

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