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Meeting the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs in Columbus, OH

Located in downtown Columbus, we focus on providing business and tax law support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our services include business contracts review, understanding tax obligation, and dealing with employee relations. We understand the difficulties that small businesses face and want to be a trusted advisor for you, as you grow and develop your business.

Our firm has the ability to leverage a broad range of legal, financial, and logistical strategies to resolve complex problems and bring about a tailored solution for our clients. We have our pulse on the ever-changing business and legal environment in order to ensure that you receive the most pertinent advise when you need it.

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Areas of Practice

BUsiness Strategy

Navigating the complexities of a small business can be a daunting task. Our firm provides valuable insight into appropriate business strategies including entity formation selection, in order to insure your business has the best advantage. Let our firm be that valued advisor that assist you in growing and sustaining your business.

Tax audit defense

Sometimes the unthinkable happens and you receive notification from the IRS or State agency that your return has been audited. This can be a scary experience but with the right representation you can get through it. Our firm can assist you in developing an action plan, work with the IRS on your behalf, and represent you in any procedures. 

Business Tax

From corporate tax to partnership tax and everything in between, our firm has the experience to assist you in understanding the requirements and remaining within compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In addition, our firm can assist with payroll and employee related tax matters as your business grows.


Private Wealth

As your small business grows your personal finances may grow as well. Understanding the importance of long-term financial readiness can lead to better outcomes. Our firm can provide tailored solutions for you including succession planning, development of trust, and estate planning. 

Personal Tax

Sometimes it feels like the rules are always changing. When can I take this deduction or does this credit apply? These are complex questions that every small business owner asks themselves. Let our firm help you navigating completing your personal income tax return, answer complex questions that arise or help plan for the future.

Employee Relations

There may come a time when you decide that your business needs to grow by hiring an employee for the first time or expanding the employee relationships you already have. There are a lot of important steps and legal obligations to consider including during hiring, when onboarding, and when integrating employees into your organization. Let us help you understand your obligations and avoid potential pitfalls down the road.


“Demetrius is a trustworthy lawyer and a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable in small business and entrepreneur legalities, and has helped me understand how to protect myself when it comes to the contract work I am doing. In addition to business advising, he is also an experienced tax attorney. Definitely recommend!”
— Five-Star Review by Alexandra Anthony


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